Friday, May 11, 2012


I was recently asked what inspires me/my art?  Interesting question.  I think initially I wasn't so much inspired as I was just out to have fun.  At first my art was all about exploring different supplies, tools, techniques and pushing myself and the limits of what I could do with whatever I was working with and attempting to do-rather than trying to achieve a specific outcome. 

In the last two years I've tried just about everything (though I am happy that I keep finding new supplies, tools, techniques, etc. to explore).  I have discovered the following about myself and my art:
1)  Orange is my favorite color.  The brighter and bolder the better.  It just makes me happy.  Magenta is a close second. 
2)  Just about anything can be improved with a little glitter.
3)  I love the combination of red and turquoise.  I mean I REALLY LOVE it.  How is this color combo not all over the planet?
4)  I enjoy working with a lot of random colors, textures, layers, supplies...the more the merrier.  Somehow it all just works for me--not too worried about what other people think.
5)  I tend to focus on the lines and emotions in facial expressions.
6)  I love digitially altering my work.  In fact, I often don't consider a piece finished until it's been photographed and further altered digitially.  I will spend hours on the original work and many more hours photographing and playing with the digitial image.  I love the goose bumps I get when I find that magic and the image seems to pop right off the screen.  That's when I know I've finished it. 
7)  More than anything I inspire myself and my art is about me. 

Thanks for allowing me to share it with you...



  1. I've been away from edm for a while, but wanted to send you a belated welcome to the group. Great artwork here!

  2. Thank you for your comment about my iPad drawing on EDM. I see you follow the blog of my friend, Quinceberry.

    1. Patricia, I'm sure I don't have to tell you how lucky you are to call Teri (aka Quinceberry) your friend. She is one of the best souls on this planet.

  3. This is really gorgeous...I LOVE your favorite colors in there, and i definately love the has a great mix of texture, line and color.

  4. it's nice to know your art is just for you, & if others enjoy so much the better. :)

  5. your comment about glitter made me smile...and also the aqua blue and red combination. yep, absolutely gorgeous! love the 'faces' series...