Monday, January 14, 2013

Sacred Spaces

Over the weekend I watched some of Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” offerings.  At the end of one episode, she had a brief segment about “Sacred Spaces" and featured a yoga instructor that spends her free time in a “yurt” (think really modern/cool hut) in an absolutely breathtaking natural setting.  It got me to thinking…where are my sacred spaces? 

I have a small space (pool bathroom my husband lovingly converted for me so I can make artsy messes) that I proudly refer to as my art studio.  Why?  Because I’ve always wanted my very own art studio and it makes me smile every time I say it.  As an art studio, it is this gloriously creative-space, filled to capacity (this is true!) with all sorts of art supplies. 

But now I’m thinking, is it MORE than just an art studio?  Is it in fact one of my sacred spaces?  If I referred to it as a sacred space, would I treat it differently?  Feel differently while I’m there?  As a sacred space, it can also be my haven, my escape, my little place in this world, and it is just for me.   I am relaxed just thinking of it as a sacred space.  I have decided that I shall now think of it as my “Sacred Art Studio.” That way I get to keep the benefits of both names!  ;->

And what about the other sacred spaces in my life?
·        My Time-Am I using it as the sacred gift that it is?
·        My body-Am I treating the space that I take up in the universe as sacred? Feeding it appropriately and keeping it healthy (i.e. exercise, rest, etc.)? 
·        My mind-Am I protecting it?  Focusing on the right thoughts?  Feeding it the right information?
·        My heart-Am I open and connecting with others?  Am I making the right impact in the lives of others?

What are your sacred spaces?  How are you taking full advantage of them?


  1. I like the idea of calling my studio my sacred space. I think it says so much more. After all, I feel at peace in here even if I am just sweeping the small bits off the floor.

    PS. Mine became much more sacred when I tossed the exercise bike out of it!

  2. You have caused me to stop and ponder my own "sacred spaces" today! I have to admit that my home is a sacred space for me. In it, I feel loved, protected and at peace with myself!

  3. @Roberta, I agree! @Kay, there's no place like home.