Monday, September 9, 2013

Akhilandeshvari...Never Not Broken

I am participating in Effy Wild's online class "Moonshine: Mother."  This is the first time I have taken this kind of class and so far I have been very pleased.  I have been exploring many themes including motherhood, the feminine and art journaling concepts.

One of the pleasant surprises has been getting pushed out of my comfort zone and into the Woo-Woo (as Effy would call it).  I have been reading about mythology, goddesses, etc.  One goddess has really struck a chord with me and I have spent considerable time researching her.  

Akhilandeshvari....a goddess who is "never not broken."  

Much of what I have read has reminded me of Christianity and Buddhism.  Have faith, be at peace, accept change, etc.  Some of what I have read has been a new "aha" for me.  If you don't know of this goddess, a little research might be worth your time.  I would suggest starting with this article:

Images and additional articles will continue to be collected and can be found on my Pinterest Board here: 

What aha moments has Akhilandeshvari revealed to you?  Have you found additional information on the goddess never not broken?  Please share whatever you can.


  1. Oh, my, Felicia! This is just so powerful...well, let me change that to empowering! Thanks for posting this...and the referral to your Pinterest Board. In January, I will become 70 years old. In celebration, there are several things I am going to do--some for the first time! One of these is to get a tattoo with my daughter, one that we will forever share. The tattoo on your Pinterest Board may just be the one! ;-) I will read on . . .