Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Midori Madness: 2014 Art Journaling Classes and Inspiration

Another week goes by where I missed my Monday post.  So I am going to give myself a break and change the name to “Midori Madness.”  I will try to post on Monday, but now I have a little wiggle room.  (smile)

My Midori Traveler’s Notebook continues to be such a daily joy.  I am loving the portability and how quickly I can capture journaling/artsy moments.  I started this two page spread (with fold outs) at work on my lunch break and finished it up a day later on the couch in front of the TV.  This page is in response to Journal52’s prompt for week 2.  I came up with “A SIMPLE PLACE is anywhere you can be yourself…” and used watercolors, Uni Posca paint pens, and a Scarlet Lime pen (my new favorite pen for mixed media).  See more at: www.pinterest.com/feliciaborges
Oh, and check out my cute little coffee cozy...it says "Art Journal Junkie."  I had someone on Etsy make it for me (sewing is NOT one of my talents). 
I am taking a couple of classes this year as well as getting weekly doses of FREE inspiration, including Lifebook 2014, Gorgeous Girls 2014, Journal52 (Free offering from Chelle Stein), and Wildly Inspired (Free offering from Effy Wild).
I am enjoying the consistent jolts of inspiration.  While I am not completing all projects (and ones I do are very much my own interpretation and in my own style), I like the overall structure of getting regular communications and prompts.  The Facebook groups that support these classes and offerings are another great source of inspiration and a wealth of knowledge.  Such a pleasure to be a part of these great communities. 
In the past I have resisted taking classes, but I am so glad that I have and see myself doing so in the future.  Not ready to make the commitment?  Think you are too much of a newbie to take a class?  If so, I would encourage you to check out Journal52 and/or Wildly Inspired.
What 2014 classes/offerings are you participating in?      


  1. since you asked... :-) I have to confess that while the online inspiration kind of overwhelms me, I did have my first guitar lesson yesterday!! Wheeee... nice to be learning something new...

  2. I'm taking Life Book 2014 and Moonshine 2014. I'm having so much fun with both, but I'm kind of busy. I just bought a Midori for a travel journal/art journal, but once I use up my other art journals, then I will be doing all my journaling in the Midori. Wendy