Friday, January 6, 2012

My Greatest Hang Up (To Date)

Thanks to my recent exploration of Teesha Moore style art journaling, I've been obsessed with collecting collage elements lately.   Nothing is safe, every usable bit, no matter how small, is harvested and added to the pile. While spending some time trying to sort by color, it got me to thinking that maybe I could "paint" with paper.  Its the largest piece I've created to date (18x36) and is hanging in my bathroom. Looking forward to exploring this style of art further in the future.


  1. That looks really interesting, but... it's really hard to see what it is, with the photo at such an angle. Can you repost, so we can appreciate what you've done?

  2. Lol! And here I thought it was better at this angle as you could see it as part of the room. ;-> You can find a copy of a straight on view of this piece on my Flickr page. ;-> Felicia

  3. Oops..hit send too soon.