Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Experimenting!

It's been too hot to spend any real time in my Art Studio.  So I'm spending most of my artsy time on the couch (in the A/C!!!!).  This has limited the amount of tools/supplies I can use, but has given me an opportunity to really get to know the few that I am willing to use in the house.  This piece was created using Copic markers, Crayola Twistables, and a white out pen.  That's it! 

The Crayola Twistables are similar to gel sticks and are very blendable with just your fingers.  They work really well with the white out pen.  It's a great effect as it "stains" the white out pen areas and then I can immediately go back over it with more white out pen and add another "stain" layer.  After many layers, I was really happy with how this piece turned out.  It just glows in person.  I plan to experiment further.  I'm wondering how this will work with white gesso, acrylic paint, ink, etc.  I'm also wondering what else will "stain" white out pen (or the other whites I have in my supply stash). 

Looking forward to even more experimentation.  I will share results here.

Stay cool everyone!


  1. What a great idea, Felicia. I have Twistables and never could think of what to do with them. Can't wait to try it!

  2. beautiful layout, so clever!